Ruslan Karachun

Software Engineer

About Me

I'm a web and mobile developer. Passionate with technology and programming. I'm working with frontend and backend. And I love this job!



FullStack JavaScript, Node.js Developer

Backend programming using Node.js. Design API. REST & GraphQL Frontend programming using React Native & React & Angular.js


Technical Consultant

JavaScript (Node.js) backend programming. TypeScript programming. API Design. Frontend programming: Angular.js & React.js. Working with Rabbit-MQ, Redis, PostgreSQL MongoDB etc.

EPAM Systems

Test Automation Engineer

Automation testing. Python scripts. Testing large RAIDs. Analysis of defects. Correction test scripts. Refactoring. Testing UI. Tools: Selenum, Protractor-js, nightwatch-js, webdriver-js


System Engineer

Support and control game servers, sites, databases. Monitoring. Backup. Using system configuration software.


Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

Bachelor of Computer Science


Frontend UI for low-level embedded application.

Frontend for low-level Linux-application. Used: React, React Hook Form and Bootstrap. Backend API on Express.js and communication via Unix domain socket.

REST API for Mobile App and Admin Panel (backend & frontend)

Programming backend REST API with Express.js, MongoDB. Programming frontend with React and ReactAdmin, JSON form. Others: Telegram Bot Api, Puppeteer library, DigitalOcean Apps hosting.

REST API for Mobile App and Admin Panel. Refactoring and bugfix (backend & frontend)

Programming backend Api with Express.js. MongoDB Programming frontend with React and Redux.

VK Mini App (backend)

Programming backend Api with Express.js, Sequelize and Typescript. Using: vk-io, canvas, jwt and other modules. Hosting: DigitalOcean

Temp Mail Service

Programming backend REST Api with Express.js and MongoDB. Programming frontend with React and Redux. Material UI styles. Mail server (MTA) haraka.js. Communication bus - RabbitMQ.

Backend for AGU Brushy mobile application

Programming backend Api with Express.js and MongoDB. Programming admin panel with React.js and React-Admin frontend Framework. DB design. API Design. Writing test with Jest. Infrastructure: Docker, docker-compose, AWS EC2.

ICOGuru Project

Code review. Some functions developnent. Parsers development. Frontend: jQuery. Backend: JavaScript, Node.js Express.js Parsers: Scrapy Python. Infrastructure: Docker, docker-compose, AWS (EC2, S3).

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FIE site

Redesign official FIE site. My role: FullStack Developer (worked in the team). Frontend: React (Preact), Axios. Backend: Node.js, Express.js, SocialMedia APIs. Build: Gulp

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Aggregator of Wholesales

Design and implementation of backend API. Using Python 3.6 features. Using Aiohttp and Gino for perfomance. Scrapy for parsing data.

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E2e Automation Testing

Web site testing. Using Javascript lang. Using frameworks: Jasmine Protractor Webdriver.

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Video surveillance through the Internet

The project is a cloud service that provides customers with a simple solution for the organization of video surveillance via internet, creation and storage of video recordings. Lang: Python. Frameworks: Flask, SQLAlchemy, Swagger. Database: PostgreSQL. Technologies: REST-API, JWT, Heroku, Git.

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Pharmacode support for ZXing library

I modified and shared ZXing library and Android application with Pharmacode support. Here is some information and HowTo Technologies: ZXing, Maven, Android, Java.

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